Community Groups

At Fremont Alliance Church, we consider connecting with a small group of people is of great importance. Doing so promotes discipleship, community, and mission. Groups vary in location, meeting days, and times. Some small groups are meeting in the summer, while others will resume meeting in fall 2020. There are links below to contact group leaders.

Sunday 9am Community Groups

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Community groups will resume meeting in fall 2020.

Primetimers' C.G.
Led by Dave Cech. Meet in the Family Life Resource Room.

LAMB (Legacy Aspiring Marriage Builders) C.G.
Led by Roger & Deb Koertner. Meet upstairs, in room 207.

Salt & Light C.G.
Led by Gary & Martha Moseman. Meet in the Video Conference Room.

Outside Of Sunday Community Groups

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Community groups will resume meeting in fall 2020.

Men's C.G.
1 Corinthians. Led by Tom Harmon. Every Wednesday @ 7:00pm in the library at Fremont Alliance Church.

The Village (Families)
Homegrown: Cultivating Kids In The Fruit Of The Spirit. Led by Ben and Jamie Adler. Hosted at the J. Stine home, ever other Sunday @ 11:30am.

Wisdom Seekers C.G.
Study Of Mark. Led by Roger & Pat Stine, every second and fourth Sunday, at their home, @ 11:30am.

Young Adults.
Study Of Philippians. Led by Jeremiah & Emily Sturgeon, every second and fourth Monday @ 6:30pm at the J. Stine home.

The Loved Ones (Widows)
Support group. Led by Jody Reel, every first and third Sunday @ 11:30 am at Fremont Alliance Church (in the Family Life Resource Center).

Adult Bible Study
Fruit Of The Vine. Led by Keith & Donna Lemke, every Wednesday @ 1:00pm at Fremont Alliance Church (in the Family Life Resource Room.)

Study Of Psalm 119. Led by George and Cheryl Nechodomu. Meets at the Holts' home, every second and fourth Sunday @ 6:30pm.

East Fremont
Sermon Response. Led by Tom and Kitty Nevius, once per month at their home, Sunday @ 11:30.

Small Groups

Tuesday Morning Prayer
This prayer group meets every Tuesday morning @ 6:30am in the sanctuary.

The Loved One (Widows)
This support group meets the first and third Sundays at 11:30am in the Family Life Resource Center.

Other Adult Groups

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Alliance Women

All meetings are in the Family Life Resource Room at Fremont Alliance, unless otherwise  noted. 

Afternoon Fellowship: 

Meets the first Monday of each even month @ 1:00pm at the church or various homes. Includes a bible study and in-depth focus on a different country each month. Contact: Bev Merritt at 727-1220.

Prayer Day:

Meets the third Thursday of each month @ 1:00pm at church to pray for the lives and needs of our International Workers and the people with whom they work. Contacts: Mardene Kroeger at 721-3858, and Norma Moseman at 830-3952.

Project Day:

Meets the fourth Thursday of each month at noon for an afternoon well spent, working on items requested by the hospitals we support in Mali and Gabon, Africa, as well as the Stamp Ministry. Contacts: Deb Koertner at 719-4710, and Step Nilsen at 727-8964.

Ladies Night Out:

This event occurs every odd month on a Thursday evening TBD. A light dinner will be provided, as we hear from a missionary speaker.  Bring your daughters, mothers, sisters, and friends. Childcare is available in the nursery. This is a great way to fellowship with other women. Contacts: Doris Nicolaison at 650-0153, and Dawn Wiegert at 720-9083.

Prayer Shawl Ministry:

If you crochet or knit, please consider creating prayer shawls, which are given to people who are in the hospital. Contact: Step Nilsen at 727-8964.

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Moms Connect

A place for ALL moms to belong.

Rooted in faith, sprouting friendships, growing in Christ and blooming in motherhood.

For mothers of all ages, Moms Connect provides a connection through speakers, crafts and more! Childcare is available.

Moms Connect meets two Monday evenings per month, September - April.


Spence Counseling Center

Spence Counseling Center offers services at the Fremont Alliance Church.

Founded in 1991 by Carl & Connie Spence after 25 years in ministry, the mission of Spence Counseling Center has remained steadfast; to help hurting people find genuine healing. Although he started the center alone, his vision, inspired by Isaiah 61:1, was to build up a group of good people that genuinely cared about helping people at the core.

Contact Spence Counseling Center directly by visiting their website.

Get Involved...

Besides the many groups you can join, we offer many special events throughout the year. There is almost always something happening at Fremont Alliance Church. Keep an eye on our events page for more information.